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Although made as Western style chef’s knives so they are easy to handle, all of our products are made in Japan, and we guarantee the best quality in each and every one of them.

Do you know the “real” sharpness of a Japanese chef’s knife?

Many of the Japanese chef’s knives that are sold in the US are actually not made in Japan...although the style may be similar, the quality is very low. A real Japanese chef’s knife is surprisingly sharp and cuts very well. This is because the steel material that the knife is made from is of high quality, and it is produced with a lot of great skill. Professional craftsmen make each and every knife with a lot of care and time. As they are produced in such way, we guarantee the best quality in our products.


Gougiri - Craftmanship
Gougiri - Craftmanship
Gougiri - Craftmanship

With the concept of “wanting Western chefs and families to use a real Japanese chef’s knife” in mind, we produce the knives in Seki city. For the past 780 years, Seki city has been making samurai swords and cooking knives, therefore is a city that has both the history and the best skills in knife making. All of our products are made from high quality materials, such as the Japanese VG-10 and hard stainless steel, and are individually made by hand by professional craftsmen. Due to this, our product has its powerful sharpness and beautifully detailed shine to it, and can guarantee the best performance. Now, all of the product’s specifications are made in “Western style,” therefore there is no need to worry when using the knife.




Gougiri - Maintenance

Even if the product itself may be high quality, without maintenance, the blade will eventually become dull. Once you are done cooking, make sure you hand-wash and dry the knife before storing. Please try to sharpen your knife using knife sharpeners or whetstones once per day if you are a professional chef and once per month if used in ordinary circumstances. As the knives are made to be tough, if used with care, they will last and support you for a surprisingly long time. Please consider having one of our knifes as your next partner.

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